Rudbeckias for Bright Autumn Colour

Rudbeckias are also commonly called Black Eyed Susans, or Coneflowers, and belong to the Asteraceae family. These Autumn Flowering plants originate from North America, and are in fact relatives of the well loved Echinaceas. Flowers are held on generally tall branched stems anywhere from 0.5m to 3m tall. Our new variety, 'Little Goldstar' is special for it's very compact form and profusion of yellow gold flowers on a compact plant, unusual for a Rudbeckia. Rudbeckias enjoy sun to full shade and are tolerant of low water conditions once the root system is fully established but you should attend to watering regularly if planting in a container where there is a greater risk of drying out. If plants do wilt, soak thoroughly and they should recover well. Feed with slow release fertilisers for best flowering results. The vibrant yellow gold flowers will be attractive to butterflies and bees, and a range of bird life

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