We hope you enjoy our new look website! Here you can search for suitable plants for shade or sun, in the colour of your planting plan, by plant family, or simply browse through new releases.

We’ve introduced a new feature called the wish list. This enables you to add plants to a shopping list so you can keep track of the ones you’d like in your garden. Just like a shopping cart, your wish list can be saved, and when you are ready to finish shopping you’ll have the choice to either print your wish list to take with you to your favourite garden store, or email your wish list directly to one of the garden retailers on our list to enquire on availability

While we don’t sell to you directly from this site, we can certainly make it easier for you to locate and buy our plants through our dedicated garden centres and stores nationwide. Sometimes plants are ‘out of their season’ so it may not always be possible to get these plants straight away. But your garden store will be able to check with one of our Living Fashion nurseries to advise you when the plant will next be available.

And if you still have trouble locating a plant for your garden project simply email us for assistance on debbie@livingfashion.co.nz.