Leucanthemums for gorgeous masses of white daisy flowers

Leucanthemums are probably better known by their common name, Shasta Daisies. Living Fashion Leucanthemums have been bred for desireable characteristics in flowering, form and attractiveness and less of the odour usually associated with Shasta daisies. Varieties on offer include a double ruffled petal form on strong upright stems, very compact whites to attractive cream yellow mid height Shastas. The selected Leucanthemums flower all summer long, with masses of flower heads on a compact, disease resistant plant. As a cutting flower the stems have an extended vase time of up to two weeks. Leucanthemums are versatile, equally at home in pots or in the border. Leucanthemums prefer to grow in full sun in well drained soil. If planted in an area with low to moderate soil fertility these plants will remain nice and compact. Remove spent flowers to encourage re-blooming.

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