Penstemon Watermelon Taffy

Price: $8.50
Penstemon Watermelon Taffy
Height: 70cm
Width: 45cm
Position: Full Sun
Available: Nation Wide

One of the interesting aspects of plant selection is the ability to take a well known and loved variety and breed something new and special, enhancing the traits of the parent! Penstemons are well known and reliable cottage perennials, but take a closer look at the Taffy Series! Watermelon Taffy produces large bell like watermelon pink blooms over many months of repeat flowering flushes. Multiple flower spikes appear on a fuller bush than older penstemons.

Flowers have numerous large trumpets with a striking white throat. Also
available are Strawberry Taffy (Dark Pink with White Throat) Blueberry Taffy
(Blue with dark veining) and Grape Taffy (Mauve with White Throat) Plant in
clumps for a romantic cottage effect!

Dead heading of spent flower spikes will cause additional laterals to form. Prefer average well drained soil, do not mulch over crowns. Drought and humidity tolerant

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Penstemon Watermelon TaffyPenstemon Watermelon TaffyPenstemon Watermelon Taffy