Lavender Sweet Romance

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Lavender Sweet Romance
Height: 45cm
Width: 30cm
Position: Full Sun
Available: Nation Wide

There is nothing quite like English Lavender in the garden, charming for its mauve blue hues, fragrance and soft textural effects. Lavender ‘Sweet Romance’ has all of this plus the benefits of longer flowering season which starts earlier than other English Lavenders, and the ability to flower in the first season with minimal vernalisation (cold during winter months).

Lavender ‘Sweet Romance’ is a compact form with masses of deep blue-mauve flower heads and a beautiful perfume. Foliage is fine textured silver grey, and the shorter than usual flower stems make the display neat and tidy in appearance.  The best and most spectacular flowering display will commence in early summer and persist to early autumn. ‘Sweet Romance’ is delightful mass planted in the border and will also make a very eye-catching small lavender hedge.

Lavenders prefer a sunny well-drained situation and are dry tolerant plants, preferring good air flow, low humidity and cooler nights in line with their Mediterranean origins. They will need some cool periods in winter to induce flowering though less in this respect than other English lavenders. Do not over-feed or over-water

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Lavender Sweet RomanceLavender Sweet RomanceLavender Sweet RomanceLavender Sweet Romance