Primulas for a picture perfect spring

The English Primula emerging in early spring is one of natures most beautiful sights. Primulas originate from Western and Southern Europe, growing frequently in woodlands or under hedge rows. However some species like the double primulas had all but disappeared in nature when a breeding programme rescued them from near extinction and formed the basis of the breeding programme that resulted in the Belarina Primulas. These woodland beauties prefer full to part shade conditions, and moderately moist soil which is not overly root-bound. Mulch or leaf litter from deciduous trees is also a favoured environment. Primulas are sensitive to excessive salts so use fertilisers in moderation and choose slow release nutrition as a preference as less likely to burn plants. More hardy than many of the seed Primulas, Belarinas are a true perennial Primula, giving many years of pleasure and outstanding flowering performance.

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