Nemesias for early spring flower power

Nemesias originate from the sandy coastal regions of South Africa. The genus covers bedding annuals, perennials and sub shrubs which tend to occupy friable 'disturbed' soils in the wild. Recent breeding advancements have improved on the flowering habit, form and sheer wow factor of these early spring perennials and the latest Hybrids in the 'Berry Delight' series have been developed by UK breeder Martine Tellwright for their outstanding flowering performance which literally had our growers breathless when first observed as trial plants. Four varieties are available, 'Berries and Cream' and 'Raspberries and Cream' are the bi-colours while 'Strawberry Ripple' and 'Blueberry Ripple' are the single colour Nemesias. These plants do tolerate some sun as long as not allowed to dry completely out, morning sun is preferable to afternoon sun as the latter can be too intense in the Southern Hemisphere for these plants.

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