Hydrangeas for magical flower power in the shade

Hydrangeas are very much back in vogue, with the newer varieties flowering more prolifically and for far longer than their older counterparts, and on a much more compact bush. Hydrangeas generally belong to one of two flowering types. 'Mophead' types have a large round pom pom flower whereas 'Lacecap' types have a flatter, more plate like flower where the central florets are closed and open towards the outside of the flower head. Hydrangeas colour can be influenced strongly by the acidity of the soil, particularly in Macrophylla Hydrangeas. Highly Acidic soils react to make Aluminium available to the plant, resulting in Blue to Purple flowers. The remedy for this is to raise the pH of the soil by application of Lime. In low acidity soils Hydrangeas tend to be pink or red. If you desire bluer Hydrangeas therefore add Aluminium to lower the pH and create conditions for Aluminium uptake Hydrangeas love shade ot part shade conditions, under woodland trees in particular can make a lovely display. Easy care, some varieties benefit from the occasional trim back unless they are the compact types.

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