Coreopsis for masses of dainty Autumn flowers

Coreopsis are a genus of herbs belonging to the family Asteraceae. They are related to sunflowers, and are sometimes also called 'tickseed'. Coreopsis have a characteristic mass of soft, dainty flower heads carried like a cloud of colour on a compact plant. A special aspect of Coreopsis is the timing of flowering, which commences in late Summer and carries on well into early Winter. The sheer range of colours available with modern breeding programmes is incredible. Traditionally Coreopsis tend to be yellow or red flushed with a 'toothed' petal extremity. Our varieties come in everything from hot pink to pumpkin to earthy reds. Coreopsis will enjoy a sunny position and are very quick to establish. A light trim of foliage after flowering will further encourage re-blooming. Coreopsis have moderate water needs and will go dormant in the winter emerging September/October with new growth. Planting at cooler times of the year aids establishment of these delightful garden plants.

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