Alstroemerias for a wonderful picking garden

Alstroemerias are one of the world's most popular perennials for use in bouquets as a cut flower. Alstroemerias last for weeks in a vase, produce lovely straight stems and flower prolifically for months on end Inca Alstroemerias are bred by one of the world's largest and most successful Alstroemeria breeders, Konst BV of the Netherlands, specifically for use as a garden Alstroemeria. Incas have a medium habit, so they do not tend to 'lodge' or fall over in wet or windy conditions, remaining an attractive and colourful specimen in the garden with minimal care. Alstroemerias benefit from pulling the dead flower stems at the base. This stimulates the plant to produce new flower spikes. If you dont remove spent stems this signals the plant to go into dormancy. Alstroemerias are a tuber propagation perennial, you can divide them by lifting in the winter months and 'quartering' the clump to ensure you get a mix of flower producing and vegetative tubers (as simply planting one tuber could disappoint and not flower well) Alstroemerias benefit from feeding to ensure you keep them producing at top flower performance.

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