Hellebore Vibey Velvet


  • Height: 50cm
  • Width: 50cm
  • Available: Nation Wide

The darkest of our hellebores to date, 'Vibey Velvet' has large, cupped magenta-red flowers with vivid yellow stamens held on sturdy upright stems. Ideal as a cutting flower for winter bouquets, 'Vibey Velvet' can also be enjoyed indoors for 3-4 weeks before planting it outdoors in a shade or part shade position.

Hellebores or winter roses are prized for their elegant and breathtaking flowers produced over an extended period from early winter through to spring. When no longer in flower Vibey Velvet offers large marbled leaves which are attractive in their own right. Living Fashion hellebores are hardy and long-lived when planted in a suitable position in the garden, giving many years of pleasure in the winter months.