Isotoma Pretty In Pink


  • Height: 30cm
  • Width: 35cm
  • Available: Nation Wide

Isotomas are a native plant of Australia, also known as Laurentias, this selection belongs to the 'Fizz and Pop' series, bred by a renowned English breeder and seed specialist to a form with flowers almost three times the normal size for this species

Isotoma 'Pretty in Pink' has striking intense pink flowers with a cheerful yellow eye, borne on a soft and pretty deep green foliage which forms an attractive mound covered in these starry flowers. These are drought and frost tolerant, flower for months on end and are ideal for container and patio plants, but can equally go in the garden or flower border for a nice autumn show.

If you've skin sensitivities just avoid the sap and wear gloves when planting or handling any plants of the Isotoma family