Dreameria Daydream


  • Height: 15-30cm
  • Width: 40-60cm
  • Available: Nation Wide

Dreamerias are a new standard in Armeria breeding, from the renowned programme of InnovaBred in Melbourne.

Daydream is a vivid pink with masses of globe shaped flowers held on stong upright stems, a modern take on a hardy and very worthwhile perennial, this clump forming beauty is robust against whatever the garden environment throws at it, needing a minimum of care to get plants established.

Exceptional drought and heat tolerance make Dreamerias also suited to coastal gardens as well as those on water restrictions but still wanting to enjoy a lovely and long-lasting flower display.

A great filler in the border, happy in pots, along a narrow wall or edge, combine the colours in a series of pots for a portable garden if you're renting or on the move!