Hellebore Mollys White


  • Height: 50cm
  • Width: 60cm
  • Available: Nation Wide

Bring some beauty to winter with the stylish and elegant Hellebore ‘Molly’s White’

Hellebores make a beautiful indoor display for a short time, and can be planted afterwards in the shade garden for years of pleasure. A great gift or simply to brighten the winter home and garden.

Hellebore ‘Molly’s White’ produces a mass of cup-shaped white flowers subtly flushed with lime green. The petals underside is a beautiful dusky pink. The enchanting flowers are produced for an extended period through Winter and into early Spring. At its most beautiful in winter, ‘Molly’s White’ can provide much needed colour and interest in the stark winter garden. ‘Molly’s White’ features dark attractively marbled green leaves, foliage is attractive in its own right even when not in full flower. Hellebores are primarily outdoor plants and shade lovers, at home indoors for up to three weeks during peak flowering, then plant out in the shade garden for years of pleasure.

Grow Hellebore ‘Molly’s White’ in full to dappled shade, ensuring well drained soil but making sure plants do not dry out. Remove old flower heads and damaged leaves to tidy after flowering. Feed with slow release fertilizer late autumn and spring for best performance. Quick to establish, easy care. Evergreen