Bergenia Marshmallow


  • Height: 30cm
  • Width: 50cm
  • Available: North Island Only

Bergenias are one of the most versatile of perennials, with attractive ‘leathery’ leaves and clusters of delicate flowers carried on upright spikes in winter to early spring.


Bergenia ‘Marshmallow’ is a larger leafed form courtesy of its ciliata parentage, generally forming a clump approximately 30cm tall by 50cm wide at maturity. The flowers are enchanting, opening a crisp white and maturing to pale pink, creating drifts of pretty white to pale pink flowers displayed beautifully against contrasting foliage. The large green leather, lightly hairy leaves are edged in burgundy during cooler periods. A very easy winter garden plant, ‘Marshmallow’ flowers are far more numerous than cordifolia types and the lovely clear white of the new flowers is spectacular en masse in the garden bed. Bergenia ‘Marshmallow’ suits garden edging/ mass planting for winter interest and thrives in part shade.


Bergenias will tolerate a wide range of situations and soil types, they are a particularly easy perennial to grow and ‘Marshmallow’ is no exception. Plant in sun or shade. While tolerant, Bergenias prefer well drained, porous soils. Bergenias tolerate dry conditions well needing minimal watering once established.