Euphorbia Ascot Jade


  • Height: 90cm
  • Width: 90cm
  • Available: Nation Wide

This hardy and drought tolerant shrub is a reliable performer in the garden. The striking foliage is best described as dark jade, providing a great hardy foliage plant as a background in the garden that remains attractive year round. The enchanting lime green-creamy flowers appear from late winter to early spring, a further bonus of this lovely plant. Compact habit with healthy structural foliage.

Euphorbia ‘Ascot Jade’ will provide year round interest, is hardy and drought tolerant therefore suitable for containers, water-wise or coastal gardens.  Suitable for compact courtyard, entrance garden or mid border.

These hardy plants will tolerate a wide range of soil types generally preferring free draining soil. Feed in spring with slow release fertilizer. If pruning, avoid contact with sap. Remove spent flower heads to encourage further flushing.