Abutilon Lucky Lantern Yellow


  • Height: 50cm
  • Width: 50cm
  • Available: Nation Wide

If you love the spectacular bell flowers of the Abutilon but have been frustrated by the constant need to cut back the rampant growth, this collection is for you! The ‘Lucky Lantern’ series of Abutilons are genetic dwarfs, growing to approximately 50cm x 50cm, which form a compact rounded bushy shrub simply smothered in glorious lemon yellow bells from Summer right through to late Autumn in New Zealand conditions. Flowers are large, held upright and produced in profusion.  A true perennial shrub providing a wonderful display for containers, patio, courtyard or even hanging baskets

Abutilons are generally hardy, tolerating temperatures down to -12ºc once established.  ‘Lucky Lanterns’ will prefer well drained soils in full sun, and are heat and drought tolerant once established. These free branching shrubs don’t require trimming but you may trim lightly if desired after flowering to encourage further re-blooming.

Some of our images are courtesy of Plant Haven USA with our thanks