Dianthus Bright Eyes


  • Height: 40cm
  • Width: 50cm
  • Available: South Island Only

Dianthus ‘Bright Eyes’ is one in the ‘Whetmans range simply Magnifi-Scent for picking due to its attractive ruffled flowers, relatively long and sturdy stems and delightful fragrance. Absolutely ideal for picking as a vase flower, lasting over an extended period.  ‘Bright Eyes’ presents masses of ruffled white flowers with a port wine eye for a prolonged period from spring to summer. This dianthus forms a compact clump of blue-green spiky foliage which is attractive in its own right. Magnifi-Scent Pinks’ fragrance make these perennials ideal around entrance ways. Dianthus are sun lovers, at home in a flower border or pot, and quite dry tolerant with the occasional deep watering in summer.