Actaea Black Negligee


  • Height: 1.2M
  • Width: 60cm
  • Available: North Island Only

Actaea ‘Black Negligee’ (Snakeroot) is a very striking lacy black perennial with delightful and elegant upward curving flower spikes. On top of this visual beauty is the most entrancing fragrance, described variously as Vanilla-and-grape-bubblegum scented! Deeply cut, serrated foliage emerges emerald green and darkens to a stunning dark purple. Towering creamy-white bottlebrush flowers emerge in Summer. It is a more vigorous grower than other Black Actaea (previously called Cimicifuga). This plant does require a lot of water to flourish. Not it is tall so it is best for mid to back of the perennial border.

Actaea ‘Black Negligee’ prefers moist humus-rich soil conditions. Tolerant of a range of light conditions from Sun to Part Shade. Increasing light results in darkest foliage but note that moist growing conditions are essential. Requires dormancy for growth. Keep moist and feed occasionally with slow release fertiliser. Easy care. Hardy. 1.20m x 0.60m