Tiarella Neon Lights

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Tiarella Neon Lights
Height: 30
Width: 50
Position: Part Shade
Available: Nation Wide
Tiarellas have added a whole new dimension of striking foliage to the shade garden. ‘Neon Lights’ features black centered, palmate-cut leaves edged with contrasting neon-green in spring. Stunning as a mass planting, ideal to mix and match with Hostas or combine with new Heucheras such as Obsidian for the effective use of black to highlight and complement the foliage of this Tiarella. Ideal also for cut flower foliage for bringing interest indoors. Tiarella ‘Neon Lights’ has the bonus of large fragrant flower heads in early spring.  Water and feed occasionally with slow release fertiliser. Allow to dry out slightly between waterings. Likes rich soils with good organic matter content.  Easy care. Hardy.
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Tiarella Neon LightsTiarella Neon Lights