Sedum Makinoi Ogon

Price: $7.20
Sedum Makinoi Ogon
Height: 5cm
Width: 30cm
Position: Full Sun
Available: Nation Wide

A frothing bubbly mass of lime green ground cover for the shaded border. This lovely sedum is finer with rounded leaves, and a delicate but dense spreading habit.  The bright lime colour is a fabulous contrast to dark foliage plants. Ideal also for co-planting in a pot with other specimen plants in the shade.  Highly effective on mass to add colour and texture. Low growing and compact. As with other sedums, Makinoi ‘Ogon’ is a succulent that can survive relatively dry conditions but will appreciate some moisture to do well.  Will not tolerate direct sun light in New Zealand’s intense light conditions. Produces yellow flowers on the mature plant in summer. Grow in shade to part shade. Water in dry conditions. Requires little nutrient input.

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Sedum Makinoi OgonSedum Makinoi OgonSedum Makinoi Ogon