Salvia Silver Sabre

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Salvia Silver Sabre
Height: 20cm
Width: 60cm
Position: Full Sun
Available: Nation Wide

Salvia ‘Silver Sabre’ is not only a spectacularly attractive low spreading perennial,
but it is also an edible, culinary variety of sage, providing a dual role as part of the kitchen herb garden. Brilliantly variegated 'Silver Sabre' has a cleaner variegation and a better habit than the older variegated type. Foliage is lovely as a crisp and striking variegation of green and cream, with luscious pink tones in cooler weather. These low mounds are at home on the patio, vegetable garden, or in mixed borders.

Salvia ‘Silver Sabre’ is easy to grow in most soil types provided these are free draining.
Quite dry tolerant once established requiring only occasional long soaks during extended periods of heat. Apply a slow release fertiliser in spring to improve overall vigour

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Salvia Silver SabreSalvia Silver SabreSalvia Silver SabreSalvia Silver SabreSalvia Silver Sabre