Origanum Bellissimo

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Origanum Bellissimo
Height: 20cm
Width: 40cm
Position: Full Sun
Available: Nation Wide

Bred in Tasmania Australia as a hardy hot and dry tolerant ornamental plant, Origanum ‘Bellissimo’ is distinctively different. The aromatic foliage spreads and trails producing deep plum coloured bracts which intensify in colour from late spring throughout summer. The fact that it is bracts rather than flowers which are responsible for the colourful display means these lovely ground cover plants will retain their showy display right into the Autumn.

Origanum ‘Bellissimo’ is extremely tolerant of hot and dry situations therefore lending itself well to ground cover use or in pots or as a showy weeping enhancement to trail over walls and embankments

Origanum ‘Bellissimo’ has low water requirements, needing the occasional deep watering over the driest summer months. Prefers a sunny spot and well drained soil. Remove old growth and apply a slow release fertiliser in spring for enhanced appearance. Can withstand extremes both heat and cold, frost tolerant. Ornamental Use only

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Origanum BellissimoOriganum BellissimoOriganum BellissimoOriganum BellissimoOriganum BellissimoOriganum Bellissimo