Lithodora Crystal Blue

Price: $8.20
Lithodora Crystal Blue
Height: 15cm
Width: 75cm
Position: Full Sun
Available: Nation Wide

This hardy and drought tolerant ground cover is a new selection of Lithodora with far larger pale blue flowers, and an extremely vigorous habit compared to the well known dark blue varieties.

Lithodora ‘Crystal Blue’ produces an absolute profusion of sky blue flowers on extra-large and vigorous foliage in Spring.  Lithodora ‘Crystal Blue’ will cover the ground much faster than is usual for this genus. Ideal for a bank or rockery, entrance garden or front of border.

Lithodoras originate from regions with light and rocky soils. While regular watering in dry periods is important while the plant is establishing , it’s better to allow mature plants to dry out between waterings. Lithodoras prefer well drained soils, of acidic pH. Avoid heavy clay soils with poor drainage. Low fertilizer requirements, do not over feed.

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Lithodora Crystal BlueLithodora Crystal Blue