Heuchera Sweet Tart

Price: $8.40
Heuchera Sweet Tart
Height: 12cm
Width: 20cm
Position: Part Shade
Available: Nation Wide

 The ‘Little Cuties’ series of Heucheras are foliage treasures, being compact and multi-crowned for superb combinations in pots, rock gardens, small or narrow townhouse gardens or even as novelty houseplants!. Heuchera ‘Sweet Tart’ has tangy lime coloured foliage with bi-coloured cerise and hot pink flowers produced over an extended period for extra appeal, simply delicious!. Combine with others in the ‘Cutie’ Series for lovely eye-catching colour combinations.

Heucheras prefer part shade conditions in New Zealand, growing best when protected from afternoon sun. The darker the foliage generally the more sun tolerant so lighter Heucheras will need more shade.  Avoid over-watering or water logged soils, ensure good drainage as with all Heucheras. Take care not to bury the crown of Heucheras when planting. Water and feed occasionally with slow release fertiliser

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Heuchera Sweet TartHeuchera Sweet TartHeuchera Sweet TartHeuchera Sweet TartHeuchera Sweet TartHeuchera Sweet Tart