Helleborus Cinderella

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Helleborus Cinderella
Height: 50cm
Width: 60cm
Position: Shade
Available: Nation Wide

Hellebore 'Cinderella' will make you want to dress up your garden! A mass of gorgeous white speckled and ruffled flowers in winter make this a must plant perennial for the winter garden lovers. 'Cinderella' belongs to the Orientalis winter roses and these generally flower a little later, similar to 'Tutu' and 'White Tutu', providing a great extension of winter roses potentially into July-August in New Zealand

Make sure you bring Cinderella out into full display in your garden and she will reward you by being the belle of the ball!

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Helleborus CinderellaHelleborus CinderellaHelleborus CinderellaHelleborus Cinderella