Gaura Rainbow Petite

Price: $8.60
Gaura Rainbow Petite
Height: 40cm
Width: 60cm
Position: Full Sun
Available: Nation Wide

Gauras are amongst the most hardy and low fuss of cottage garden perennials and ‘Rainbow Petite’ is no exception. A compact form, Gaura ‘Rainbow Petite’ has showy, variegated foliage in shades of deep cerise to pink, accented with finest cream. Pink flowers are held massed in a light profusion above the plant throughout spring and summer, flowering for an extended period. Quick to establish, drought tolerant and extremely hardy this plant is suitable for any sunny garden situation

This variety tolerates a wide range of soil types, although for best results, plant in a free draining organic rich soil. Prune back by up to half after flowering to encourage a dense bushy habit. Feed with a general purpose slow release fertiliser according to manufacturer instructions at the beginning of spring.

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Gaura Rainbow PetiteGaura Rainbow PetiteGaura Rainbow PetiteGaura Rainbow PetiteGaura Rainbow Petite