Polemoniums for delightful fern like foliage

Polemoniums are also known commonly as 'Jacobs Ladders'. These come in the non variegated form, and in the Living Fashion Range the variegated Polemoniums which lend a 'light and soft' look to the perennial garden. The foliage of these plants is irresistably attractive! Fine fern-like leaflets with fine varigation also have the added bonus for some varieties of flushing a delicate coral pink as the weather cools. Polemoniums typically have a white, or pale blue to deep sapphire blue flower held erect on a spike above the foliage. The key to success with Polemoniums is to be very careful not to let them dry out. Feeding and watering will reward with a flush of new foliage. Expect these to die back over the winter time.

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