Veronica Venture Blue


  • Height: 35cm
  • Width: 55cm
  • Available: Nation Wide

If you are looking for striking vertical spires in your landscape plan look no further!. Veronica ‘Venture Blue’ is a clump forming perennial with striking narrow purple blue flowers on a compact, long-lasting spike. The compact and upright habit of ‘Venture Blue’ makes it very useable in any sunny planting situation. ‘Venture Blue’ is an ideal height for the modern garden being neither too tall nor too small in stature, and foliage has been observed to remain healthy and resistant to mildew in summer humidity. Ideal as a ground cover option in a court yard or garden bed.  Healthy, easy to grow.

Veronica ‘Venture Blue’ will grow happily in full sun and moist soil conditions but with good drainage. Quick to establish. Keep moist and feed occasionally with slow release fertiliser. Easy care.