Tiarella Oregon Trail

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Tiarella Oregon Trail
Height: 10cm
Width: 90cm
Position: Part Shade
Available: Nation Wide

Tiarella ‘Oregon Trail was the result of a breeding programme which set out to achieve clean, neat foliage on a vigorous trailing plant, to offer a ‘better behaved’ alternative to English Ivy as a coverage plant for green effect. Tiarellas make excellent massed plants for shade and woodland areas, and the development of low growing trailing Tiarellas adds to the value of these plants. Also available are Tiarella ‘Appalachian Trail’ and Tiarella ‘Happy Trails’


Tiarella ‘Oregon Trail’ features clean, deeply lobed leaves on a vigorous rapid and low growing plant. Does flower although not as prolifically as other Tiarellas ie the foliage effect is this plant’s forte. Wonderful as a shaded groundcover, or in a mixed container or hanging basket. The clean green veined leaves hold their foliage colour throughout the year.

Ideal for woodlands, under trees and high branching shrubs where a dense ground cover is desired. Ideal landscape plant.


Tiarellas require a well drained soil. Water evenly and feed occasionally with slow release fertiliser. Allow to dry out slightly between waterings. Prefers rich soils with good organic matter content.  Easy care. Hardy.

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Tiarella Oregon Trail