Summerina Twilight

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Summerina Twilight
Height: 60cm
Width: 45cm
Position: Full Sun
Available: Nation Wide

Summerinas are a new and quite special genetic cross of two genera, Echinacea and Rudbeckia. The result is said to result in increased hardiness and longevity, and flowering ‘all summer long’ on a vigorous plant. Summerinas come in three ‘warm palette’ colours, from chocolate brown through to warm yellow with touches of burnt orange. Unusual in the extreme, these power houses of flower will provide a talking point in the summer garden or courtyard.

Summerina ‘Twilight’ is deep velvet chocolate brown with an absolute abundance of flowers with a dark black central eye reflecting its Rudbeckia parent, on a neatly compact habit and strong upright stems.

Summerinas as with rudbeckias enjoy sun to part shade. Water regularly for new plants or if planting in a container where there is a greater risk of drying out. If plants do wilt, soak thoroughly and they should recover well. Feed with slow release fertilisers in spring for best flowering results. Ensure you protect from slugs and snails in the spring. Prune back after flowering to encourage reblooming.


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Summerina TwilightSummerina Twilight