Inca Alstroemeria Joli

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Inca Alstroemeria Joli
Height: 50cm
Width: 50cm
Position: Full Sun
Available: Nation Wide

A vibrant garden Alstroemeria with a profusion of deep orange-red flowers with a yellow striped throat, on a compact bush. Foliage is a healthy green complementing the flower display. These lovely compact Alstroemerias mix and match with each other to create a dramatic and harmonious flowering border. Not only is the form compact and suitable for a garden but makes a ready source of cut flowers for beautifying your home indoors.

Inca Alstroemerias are bred for compact habit. They are non-invasive unlike older Alstroemerias. Suitable in pots or in the garden they like humus-rich soil, and need to be kept moist through summer months. Remove old spent stems and excess ‘blind stems’ for repeat flowering by firmly holding the stem and pulling out at the plant base. This triggers the plant to rejuvenate it’s flowers. Feed with slow release fertilisers in spring for stunning flowering. Mulch is beneficial where Incas are in garden beds.

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Inca Alstroemeria JoliInca Alstroemeria Joli