Hydrangea Zurich

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Hydrangea Zurich
Height: 60cm
Width: 60cm
Position: Shade
Available: Nation Wide

Hydrangea ‘Zurich’ belongs to a collection of compact patio hydrangeas also including H. ‘Renate Steiniger’ (blue), H. ‘Paris’ (reddish pink) and H. Venice’ (Pink). An exceptional eggplant mauve mop head hydrangea, ‘Zurich’ is free and long flowering with a profusion of flower heads on a neat and compact bush. Ideal for courtyard and container use in the rural or urban garden. Flowers can be cut and used indoors for a stunning cut flower display. Flowering is extended from summer and well into autumn. Prefers good soil, summer shade and adequate moisture. Do not allow to dry out for prolonged periods. Feed with slow release fertiliser for optimum results. Easy care. Hardy. 0.6 x 0.6m

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Hydrangea ZurichHydrangea ZurichHydrangea ZurichHydrangea Zurich